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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A book release and... real life.

I have a book release today.  And I'm very excited about it.  I love the 'Secrets of Neverwood' Anthology, I love my characters in 'The Growing Season', and I love the two writers I wrote the anthology with. G.B.Lindsey and Libby Drew are both people of prodigious talent, and I'm honored to have my name listed with theirs.  So, yes, I'm excited.  I'm also sad.

I'm sad because yesterday I moved my Dad, who I love more than anything on this earth, into assisted living for memory care and Alzheimer's.  Over the last year, I've been his full time caregiver.  And I've watched this wonderful, kind, brilliant man slowly fade away.  I promised him I would keep him home as long as I could, and I did.  But when he looked at me today, and I saw fear in his eyes...  God.  I may never be able to erase that from my mind.

I'm happy about the anthology release.  Very happy.  I believe all three novella's tell compelling stories about love, and loss, and growth.  But today, it's tempered with a heavy heart.

The first book in the Anthology is called 'One Door Closes'.  It seems particularly appropriate to me right now.  Man, I hope somewhere a window opened.

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  1. A window has opened. He is well cared for & now you can take a breath & take care of you! People always dismiss the emotional, physical, emotional & stress that weigh the caregiver down. My Dad had Alzheimers & my Mom ... an RN ... cared for him for 8 yrs. but she had unusual & exceptional help. But when the time came , after 48 yrs.of marriage & no spoken word for 7 yrs. or knowledge of her ... time came for more physical help than she could do. The door opened for her & like you ... she stepped UP to what was best for him & like you did what was best for your Dad and YOURSELF! Yin & yang at play here ... great news & sad news. Alaskan ((((HUGS & CUDDLES)))) to you, your Dad, your family & your friends. Remember ... now you can plan & sit & BE with your Dad.